InflYOUence Mastery

The most successful people (in every field) have coaches.

Do you have one?  If not, you are not doing everything you can do to achieve your dreams, visions and purposes.  Period.  It only takes one right idea at the right time to change your entire life.  If you could learn new exercises, techniques and strategies for planning your life, building a business, increasing your income and understanding your purpose, would it be worth the price of a meal?

Coaching Program Highlights

Real World Business Strategies – Learn real world strategies from a current entrepreneur and sales professional including the strategies I've used to build several successful ventures and to help others do the same.
Social Media - Learn social media strategies that really work, building and managing a database, increasing your presence, producing leads and appointments and ultimately increasing revenue.
Priority, Time & Goals Management - Do more work in less time, set and achieve your goals instead of allowing them to linger, stay focused, and have a personal life. Basically, become more successful in the areas most important to you.
Mindset/Behavior Coaching – I help you change your perceptions, perspectives and clarify your personal vision.  Change can be difficult, but it is possible with the right help.  You need hope, methods and accountability.  I provide all three.

Evaluation Call - In order to ensure it's a fit for both parties, an initial 15 to 30 minute call is scheduled so I can understand your goals. I make sure working together is a good fit and that I can truly help you. That way, your money is well spent and you get the results you expect.  After the call, I will send you an overview of the process and an engagement agreement (if you are a one-on-one client).

First, here is some client feedback:

"Thank you for your help! Thanks for calling me this morning. Talking with you was a great help. I think it is worth mentioning again that you have been an inspiration to me over the years. Also, I have accomplished quite a bit based on the knowledge I gleamed from you over the years that I have known you.  Now, I feel I am at a place where I need I am no longer able to maximize my potential and need to surround myself with people who are accomplishing great things and who have the capacity and desire to accomplish great things. At this point in my life, I am ready to expand my vision and expand my tents and I need the counsel of others to accomplish all that God has in me to do."

"Mark's ability to cut through the rhetoric of a situation allows one to view the situation with clarity. He has a no-holds barred approach to his coaching and teaching. One would do well to connect to Mark to learn valuable life lessons to assist in their continual growth."

"Some good words for a good man...From the get go Mark became a very inspirational figure for me. Not only did he motivate me to work harder for my goals, but he helped me get one step closer to them. When I needed help and guidance he has been there for me. I know that I can count on him for help, great advice, leadership, or even just an ear. :-) Thanks again!"

The stories continue. But the point is I have given a number of people a couple of tips that transformed their lives and I am looking to work with a few more people.  If you don't educate yourself and get a new perspective about life, business, money and wealth, I can guarantee you success won't happen by happenstance.

What is group coaching?

Group coaching is a great way to experience professional Life Coaching at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching, through a group setting. Individuals can benefit through sharing, learning from the successes and challenges of other members, forming relationships and experiencing synergy from the group.

Group coaching works by utilizing the power of one-on-one coaching with group support. Learn how you can overcome your challenges which will increase your ability to reach your goals, through the power of connecting with a professional coach and other group members who will lend support and ideas in a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy or consulting. A coach leads the sessions and partners with group members so that they discover their own answers and develop their own techniques for learning the best way to achieve what they want and what they are each capable of as individuals.  Because group coaching is based on creating synergy from the group and forming trusting relationships, a commitment to the program and assignments is required. Participation by all members is vital for group coaching to be effective and to provide synergy to all involved. Participants share their challenges, members provide feedback, brainstorm possibilities and the coach helps move everyone forward by helping to form action plans and provide accountability to all.

Group Coaching May Be For You If:

~ You are truly committed to making a shift from settling on an ordinary life and moving into greater opportunities of fulfillment....

~ You have the drive and the desire to make a change for the better in your life right now....

~ You are open to explore your awareness of yourself and be willing and committed to stretch out of your comfort zone along with other supportive group members...

The InflYOUence Mastery Group is for you if:

  • You know you have a message to share but aren't sure how to get it out.
  • You have started on your book (or books) but don't know how to get published.
  • You are so frustrated that you want to give up and give in.
  • Y need to be able to answer for yourself... "What is my purpose?" and "How can I know it for sure?"
  • You know your purpose, but feel stuck. 
  • Need a mentor and a community of like-minded professionals around you
  • You need to learn how to be effective in your marketing and social media campaigns
  • You want to learn how to get paid and profitable speaking engagements
  • You want to rub shoulders with the best and the brightest
  • You still haven't figured out how to truly breakthrough into the life you want as a paid expert and consultant.

And I cover much, much more! Don't miss this opportunity to make your living while making a difference!  If you are interested in this program, contact me today!  We also use an online members-only forum to share materials, engage in candid discussion and post announcements for each of the personal coaching calls.  (One-on-One coaching programs are available by invitation only at this time.)

So, what are you waiting for?

Every high-performer has a coach.  My goal is not to give you advice, but to make sure you get results. This is why I only work with a select number of individuals at a time. If are ready to get better results now, call 832-566-2001 or e-mail today.

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