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"Change Your Mind" Three-Part Audio Bible Study Program!! ONLY $4.97!! 
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We're told that we have to change the way we think to change our lives. Well, if true, what should we think about and how do we change our thoughts? I've created this bible study called "Change Your Mind" to help you think in ways that are more productive and purposeful using various scriptures from God's word as your guide.

Have you ever stopped to think that everything around you – even everything in your own life – first began with a thought? It began either as a thought in the mind of God or a thought in your own mind. What awesome power lies in our minds! Few of us ever stop to consider the power of our own thoughts and attitudes, but the Bible proclaims that we are the content of our thoughts!

“…For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” ~Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

It has been said that the only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they think. After all, everyone has the same number of hours in the day, right? It’s how we use them that makes the most difference and our actions come from our thoughts. As Believers, we even all serve the same God leading Dr. Charles Stanley to say “we will largely become what we think about.”

The Sales Monster: 10 Ultimate No B.S. #MonsterTips to Help You Sell More and Earn More Money NOW! 

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EVERY job is a sales job. You might as well get used to it.

People tell me all the time they’re working in various field because they HATE selling. Or, when looking for new jobs, they avoid the entire section of the listings under “Sales” and keep looking. I’ve been a business owner for years and was a hiring manager before that. When I ask the interviewee for their questions of me, what do you think comes to the top of the list after “how much does the position pay?” The very next question is usually some variation of “I don’t have to do any selling, do I?”

Every job requires dealing with people. Everything is sales. Even if you’re a teacher, you have to sell the school district on hiring you or you’ll remain unemployed. If you run a non-profit, you have to sell people on donating to your cause. Again, to my teachers, excellence in your job involves selling young people on why they need to do their best with the selected material. If you’re a minister, you have to sell people on Christ or to your point of view. Even if they buy your point of view, you still need to sell them on the idea of supporting you financially. Everything is sales.

Get used to it so you can begin to excel in it.

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What if someone finally told you everything you needed to know, understand and look out for before deciding whether you should get a man any of your heart and time?  But it's not just about that.  It's also about knowing where the man you care about needs to grow so you can help him and pray for him.

For men, too.  This is a good guide to assessing YOURSELF and how ready you are for a serious relationship - the kind in which you're free to function properly in your role.  Everyone can grow and get better.  Just consider this a mirror with some helpful nudges thrown in for good benefit!

Live BIG! Die Empty: The Book
(How to live on PURPOSE, achieve higher PERFORMANCE and experience true PROSPERITY)

I set out to write a book that would help you learn how to identify your special, eternal purpose and begin living in it with passion, productivity and even profitability. I've included stories from my own life, lessons from scripture, exercises and studies from the best personal development coaches around along with my own insights to help you accomplish what you meant to do! And be a better, more focused person than ever before. Judging by the feedback I'm getting so far, I know it's blessing people!

I know you will find something in "Live BIG! Die Empty" that will help you. I pray your life is never the same after reading this just as my life has changed through the process of writing it. That was part of my goal. I wanted to change my life so thoroughly and completely and understand everything that was happening so I could offer you – every reader and audience – the same outcomes or better. I am standing in agreement with you for the absolute best for your life whoever and wherever you are!

Allow me to partner with you for real change!

"10 Winning Strategies for Improving Your Credit & Personal Finances"

"10 Winning Strategies for Improving Your Credit & Personal Finances" is an educational program that I offered to help you get answers to your questions about how you can improve their credit, borrow money at lower rates, stop getting turned down for purchases and improve your overall financial situation dramatically!

In it, I discuss the Financial Planning Ladder which represents the basic foundations of any sound financial plan and provide guidelines and resources for improving your financial picture no matter where you're starting. There is too much in this information-packed 45-minute program to mention here. You can get your own copy plus several BONUS items for just $17.00 via PayPal below...

Don't miss this chance to move your financial life forward. The second half of the program covers steps everyone can take to radically improve their credit and their buying power - saving you money and opening possibilities for you and your family. This is a ridiculous value for the price because I want it in as many hands as possible. I hope you'll take advantage of this special offer today.

* Learn the Financial Planning Ladder
* Learn a Quick Fix to INSTANTLY Improve Credit
* Learn How to Create a Turnaround TODAY!

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Social Media & Marketing Success (for Leaders, Coaches & Experts)

How can you as a professional speaker, coach, expert and business leader use social media and traditional marketing approaches to effectively and profitably monetize your online presence and market position? Why should you as a professional want to learn the strategy and tools of social media? It’s very simple: LEVERAGE!

Social media isn't going away and more and more, if you aren't taking advantage of the best tools, techniques and approaches, YOU ARE BEING LEFT BEHIND.
You already know what I'm saying. You know you need to
* Get new clients
* Maintain and grow your current client relationships
* Find ways to monetize your commitment to social media. 

That is why I created this training webinar for you complete with the video, full MP3 audio and e-book for you to download today!

In today’s business world, there is a shift in the way we are all communicating. You must keep up in order to stay relevant and to connect with clients in today’s marketplace. I have specifically designed this presentation exclusively for professionals just like you including tangible ready-to-use approaches!

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* Where to find your current and prospective clients on the internet?
* How to optimize your visibility on the internet?
* How to brand yourself, your products and your services?
* How to build client confidence in you?
* How to build and maintain a relationship online?
* How to manage your social media in a consistent way?

You will learn strategies to project your status and positioning as an expert so you can PROFIT from helping more PEOPLE! Get this valuable resource with the video, audio MP3 and e-book now! You can't afford to miss these insights, strategies and tactics!

More to come!!! Keep checking back!