I Bet Boaz Had a Beer Belly

"He needs to be light-skinned or bi-racial so my daughters can have good hair."

"He needs to be tall so I can wear high heels all the time. At least 6'2"."

"He needs to be a professional athlete because they make a lot of money and I don't want to work."

"I refuse to sign a pre-nup. If things go bad, I want half. I'll work if he wants me to, but not at a job that makes a lot of money."

"I'm going to live in New York. So he's got to be fine with that."

How do you measure a good man? These are quotes from a 14-year old I know that is currently receiving some RE-EDUCATION about what a good man looks like from yours truly! But it's not like I don't hear these words almost every day. I didn't want to hear them from her, but I wasn't surprised!

I mean... everybody talks about wanting Boaz, but what do you think Boaz looked like? I bet he had a little bit of a gut. Dude was middle-aged wasn't he? The chances of him looking like [insert your favorite eye candy here - I ain't going there!] are very slim!

Let's go down YOUR LIST of requirements in a man, Miss Single Christian Woman!

* Attractive and at least 6'1" without shoes so I can wear my heels
* Weighs between 195 and 225 lbs and a low BMI
* White teeth or willing to invest in a procedure within two weeks
* Credit score of 730 or better
* Earns at $85,000 annually plus bonuses
* Has been on his job for more than five years
* Speaks in a holy tongue...none of those unholy ones
* He can drink a little as long as it's no more than 6 ounces of a beverage with less than 6% ABV per month
* He must be a Fred Hammond fan. Donnie McClurkin, too!
* He must not listen to any secular music made after 1985
* Must drive a luxury sports sedan - foreign preferred but not required
* Must not ask me to relocate, change churches, or change my side of the bed
* Must like my hair the way it is because "I don't change for no man"
* Must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college and at least 12 hours in post-graduate work with a 3.25 GPA. Transcripts required
* Can be a member of Facebook, but must not have more than 45% of Friends be female or he is a dog. Otherwise, all social networking accounts must be deleted upon third date...if accounts remain active, all Profile Pics must include both of us.
* My Pastor is the best Pastor, so you must submit to him or you are not of God many of these would appear on God's list of a "good man" for you? I can tell you this...I'm concerned most that my daughter marries a man who loves her, respects her and works hard to provide for and protect his family. I want him to be a man who serves God and likes Longhorn football. That's about it!

What requirements are you putting on your Boaz? Are they Godly? Are you sure?

If you can find a man who loves you and who is willing to commit to you, I suggest you look past things that are easily fixable or forgotten.


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