If Something Doesn't Die, You Haven't Made a Decision.

#LiveBIGDieEmpty - Some people are hindered simply because they haven't mastered the ability to make a decision. They try to exercise all options at the same time...or keep one on hold until they've exhausted the other. But that's not how life works. That's small living.

Big living requires you to decide which way you're going and what you're going to do. Then, once you've decided, do it with all your might! (Ecclesiastes 9:10) It's in the very structure of the word! "De" is from the Latin for "away" or "from" while "cis" means "to cut" or "to kill" so putting them together....

To make a DECISION means to cut something away, from or off! To kill it! That means, if something doesn't DIE, you haven't made a decision. As gruesome as it sounds, you have to kill something for the other thing to thrive. Trying to nourish every little business or relationship just a little bit...enough to keep it alive...only ensures that none of what you do will truly thrive!

Let me share something with my friends today. Not only in the spirit of "keeping it real" but in terms of trying to help someone who needs to hear this today. That's my Live Big Die Empty mission help people who feel like they've been living beneath their purpose, potential and privilege for too long.

A friend commented recently, "Mark, you're a rock star!" meaning he believes I'm living a great life. I accept the compliment. Thank you, sir! I will agree that things are trending the way I want them to go. However, as my closer friends will tell you, I have a looonnnnnng way to go to get where I need to be. So I press.

But to the point of my post today. I tend to blog from experience and Godly counsel as best I can. That's the genesis of the blog post I wrote and posted last week regarding decision-making. I can testify that nothing began to turn around in my life until I sat down with my pastor, Thaddeus Eastland of Hope Church Pearland and received this one little nugget of wise counsel: make some decisions. I had been feeling despondent, broken and on the verge of tears because I was feeling beaten by life.

The truth is I was being beaten by life because I was allowing life to beat me.

You see, I'd been trying to live too much of my life on the fence subject to other peoples' whims, emotions and decisions. I wasn't drawing clear lines in my ministry, business or personal life and it was halting my progress in all of those areas. "Make some decisions." Those few words have meant so much to me. I remind myself of them whenever I feel like I've stalled in making progress still to this day.

My encouragement to someone who needs it is as follows: MAKE SOME DECISIONS!

As always, I want to hear from you!!! Please leave me your comments so I know how to serve you better!! If this was helpful, forward it to a friend. Talk to you soon!


Reading the extended version just helped me realize how I have many mistakes I have been making. I can not express how much this has blessed me. I'm transitioning from Living small and dying full to Living BIG and Dying EMPTY!

Sharing what I learned from a wise man you and I both know! Be blessed!!

Love it! Truly, sometimes, we just have to do the best we can with what we know and God's wisdom. We can't have our cake and eat it... Sadly :)

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