@LiveBIGDieEmpty #aMAYzing Mindset Moment #21: Complete Commitment

Some mornings I listen to Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio as I'm getting my morning started because I like his opening monologue. It's always about life within the context of sports. Even though he uses sports as a backdrop, he incorporates a lot of other principles for living a good life.

This morning he was talking about Carmelo Anthony and his obvious lack of commitment to becoming a total superstar.  Carmelo is about Carmelo, not his team.  Carmelo is about shooting, not scoring (or he would drive to the basket more).  Carmelo is about points, not defense.  Carmelo is about being famous for being Carmelo, not about being famous for winning.  He'd rather be your friend than rip your heart out.

I am a Kobe Hater but was there ever  any doubt that he and Jordan would rather eat your liver than shake your hand?  That's the difference between LeBron, Kobe, Michael and Carmelo.  (Even in looking at the first picture on this post, how in the heck is 'Melo smiling?!)  I'll get off his back.  He's a little better at basketball than I am.  That's not the issue, however.  The issue, as Cowherd points out, is how often 'Melo fails to do what his team needs him to do.  He doesn't demand much from them and doesn't demand much from himself.

Because it's NBA Playoff time, I had to share a pic of my favorite basketball player and ultimate committed competitor, Tim Duncan.  Widely regarded as the best Power Forward of all time and one play who has NEVER had his dedication questioned.  Duncan competes.  He manages his diet, his mindset and his minutes on the court so that he can be 100% on when it's time to be on.  Bringing four titles home to my beloved Texas shows that in a league that the conspiracy theorist in me says is rigged against my Spurs.

The larger issue is I'm checking myself with this post.  How completely committed to my most important goals have I been?  Am I committed enough to truly change my approaches to life and living?  The answer is, of course, I am!  It's an "I believe, but help my unbelief" kind of thing.  I am doing better but must get much better.

I don't want to be considered the Carmelo Anthony of my field. No offense, 'Melo.

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