How to Stop Being So Needy

Last time we talked about having needs vs. being needy and it sparked some good dialogue. Remember: neediness is when a person requires more than usually expected or due. In other words, their needs are being met on a reasonable level, but they still want more. If you're the kind who has been called needy more than once, let's face it. There might be some truth there. If everybody calls you a donkey, buy a saddle, right?  Some of you reading this are... needy!

Side note: It is OKAY to need people.  That is a good thing!

A few thoughts about how to stop being needy:

  1. Be courageous about being authentically you no matter what.  There is someone out there for the real you - the one you're sometimes tempted to keep hidden.  You are valuable just the way you are.  
  2. Know your core values and don't compromise them.  There are plenty of ways we all need to change and grow.  There should be some things about yourself you don't change.
  3. Give yourself permission to want things.  Even in your wanting, have gratitude.  Be grateful for the ways your needs are being met and the efforts of others to meet them.
There is nothing wrong with needing love, touches, tender words, time with loved ones and commitment.  You just have to be clear about what your needs are and sober about when they're being met and when they're not.  Being needy is all about failing to realize that you're requiring more of people than they can give and not honoring the needs they're already meeting.

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