Success has a language. Are you fluent?

Success has a language. Some people are fluent in the language of excuses and others speak life every time they open their mouths. If you want more success, learn how successful people talk.  According to Pimsleur, the leading language learning system in the world, there are three steps to learning a new language.

1. Listen intently.
2. Practice fearlessly.
3. Speak boldly.

And here's the encouraging key. You only need to know about 2500 words to be considered fluent in a language like Spanish, for example. That's about 10% of the language. I'm told the same thing holds true for any language because over 90% of daily communication is built using less than 10% of the vocabulary available to you.

Perhaps it follows by logic that you only need to learn a little to change your entire life?  It's worth considering, therefore, let me give you some examples of the language of death (failure) and the language of life (success):

Death/Failure says: "I'm a failure.  I never get it right."
Life/Success says: "That didn't work out, but I will keep pressing until I succeed."

Death/Failure says: "It takes money to make money and I don't have enough."
Life/Success says: "It takes creativity and diligence to make money and I've got plenty of both!"

Death/Failure says: "I'm afraid.  I can't do it."
Life/Success says: "I am courageous.  I do what I must when I must."

Now, substitute your own.  What are some ways you can begin to speak life?  Remember the lessons from Pimsleur: listen to successful people talk... practice speaking different words... speak boldly.

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