5 Ways to Develop an #aMAYzing Mindset Now

I've been posting ways to develop what I call an #aMAYzing mindset on my Live BIG Die Empty Facebook page each day in the month of May.  Clever, huh?  Well, if you haven't been following all of them, I've landed on five suggestions that you can take and put into action right now.  I believe that acting on any of the five will help you tremendously and acting on all five will, I believe, change the entire trajectory of your life.

1. Find a peer group or mastermind group to which you can belong immediately. You need to find people of hope, drive and determination who are focused on seeing their dreams realized and surround yourself by them. I suggest you make this a top priority. Your current environment may not be influencing you positively the way you would need it to in order to reach lofty goals.

2. Share at least a few of your goals publicly. Put them out there. Let people know what it is you want to achieve and where you need help. You never know who's out there looking to help someone.

3. Write a set of encouraging affirmations for yourself.  Post them around your home and recount them to yourself daily or even several times a day until you've adjusted your mindset.  Make sure everything you say is constructive to helping you move forward in joy, happiness an success.

4. Create a vision board. You might be the kind of person who responds well to visual cues so structure your goals as such. I've written a tutorial or two on vision boarding on my blog.  Positive images create progress!

5. Gratitude.  Great and accomplished people tend to be the most grateful.  Fear and worry can't abide in thankful heart. Also, I think you'd be surprised at how much a public display of gratitude would open doors for you.

Wishing you all the best!!!  Be #aMAYzing!!

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