Too Many Buried Talents?

One of my favorite passages of all time is the Parable of the Talents. Period. Point blank. It's incomparable in my mind because it contains so much wisdom to help us live our lives on purpose, with passion, productively and profitably! No doubt. I love it!

(Horrible image above, huh?  That guy even looks lazy!)

We were studying it in Bible Study last night and a few things jumped in my spirit that I wanted to share today. I'd blogged on this before, too, in a post called "Do You Even Matter?" but faith comes by hearing... not by once having heard!

As we were talking about it, I began to realize that I'd slipped into a pattern of burying my talents.  Check out Matthew 25:14-30 and let it speak to you.  I know for a fact that I'm the guy with five talents.  Forgive me if you perceive that as arrogance.  To me, it's truth.  I am not taking pride in that statement, however, because it's just as true that I've been too often acting like the steward with one talent.

No more.  Today is a new day!

How much talent do you have buried in the ground?  Time to dig them up and put them to work!  Are you hesitating because you don't think you have anything to work with?  False!  Everyone got something - even you.  Chances are you have more going for you than you realize.  Take an assessment today.  Look at what you have instead of focusing on what you lack and get to work!  Your true prosperity comes after giving the Master a return on the investment He's made into you!


Great stuff Mr. Mc! No more hidden talents. Not to sound arrogant either, I'm a woman of many talents myself.

Great stuff Mr. Mc...not to sound arrogant either but I'm a woman of many talents myself. I have to admit that I sometime look at what I dont' have on the outside not always keeping in my God has placed everything within that is needed to bring the purpose/vision to pass. So I thank you once again for the inspiration. I owe you a Starbucks or something (smile) Be blessed!

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