If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

What were you doing at 4AM this morning? One of my new clients was working out before getting to the office by 6AM.

As I sat with him today, he organized a few of his bills... dropping a $24.95/month service because it was "too much" compared to a similar $15.95 service. Cancelled a $12.99/month service because it was redundant. Made a note to himself to check again after six months to make sure he was getting what he's paying for.

Another small matter came up. He picked up the phone and dealt with it. No post-it notes. No reminders. Problem in. Problem addressed.

As I sat there during our meeting watching him handle a few other matters, I'm humbled. His lunch is brought in. Coke Zero. A single veggie wrap with some fresh tomatoes on the side.

Another meeting was kicking off as I left. I walked in just as he was wrapping up another. He'll be at work until probably 8PM. Regular day. One of his kids and grandchildren stopped by the office to say hello. They were waiting for his next meeting to wrap up before spending a little time with grandpa before he gets back to work. Still a lot of sunlight left in the day.

I left his office needing a little bit of paperwork from him. It was all in my inbox before I got out of traffic.

I swear there is not a single lazy, procrastinating bone in this man's body! I stand amazed and inspired to be more focused and professional in my own right... While many others will spend several hours a day complaining about him... Maybe in the afternoon. 4AM is too early to get up! He's in the 1%. Surely he hasn't earned any of his money or status?

My only point is this.  I'm not deifying anyone.  I admire people who make the most of their opportunities for sure.  However, most people have a lot of work, diligence and vision left to manifest in their own lives before they have room to complain about the successes of other people.  If you think about this for your own life, you know it's true.


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