The Lolo Lesson and the Teachings of Tebow

Lolo Jones has haters now.  Some of her teammates.  Some of the media.  Random people.  Maybe even you?  Her teammates in particular are upset that she gets television interviews, endorsement deals probably in the millions and the love and adoration of fans worldwide... and doesn't have the gold to show for it.  In fact, in the London 2012 100M hurdles - the event for which she is "famous" she didn't even medal.  She came in fourth place.

Somebody called her "the Anna Kournikova of track" - no wins, just hype.  Or the Tim Tebow of track... no accomplishments, just her virginity.

But one thing you'll notice is that nobody knows her critics by name.  I could look them up, but I won't.  Who cares?  Even in victory on the track, they are losing in public relations and at the bank.  Lolo has left them all in the dust and I LOVE HER FOR IT!  Because, at the end of the day, that's the Lolo Lesson for you and your business.  No matter what you do, don't be so freaking boring!  Have a story and share it!  Be more transparent, more authentically YOU and more people will be attracted to you.

To your success!

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I LOVE this post! and I LOVE The new look! AWESOME!

Thanks! I'm calling this the "Experts Edition" meaning all posts and EVERY post is about business and managing your business. Slightly different focus. Thanks!!! Still building it. Working on the guts of it today, in fact!

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