"No more buried talents."

You ever get your hands on an article that really makes you think differently?  I ran across this one talking about how every company needs a mantra.  It hit home with me in a strange way.  Meaning I actually thought about it for two or three days before I came up with mine.  Very different from the all-too-common "I already know that" response I cop when I pick up stuff like this.

But I'd been thinking anyway...  back when I was reading Inc., Fast Company and Success more often I seemed to remember doing a little better in business.  Hmmm....


I've found mine.  "No more buried talents." in case you've not put it together yet.  That captures my heart, my spirit and my mission for me and (most importantly) for you!  It motivates me.  It charges me.  It helps people connect to what I'm about quickly. with Live BIG! Die Empty and this "Experts' Edition" too.  Do you have one?  Maybe you should think about this a little bit?  I hope you will!

No more buried talents!  Let's do this!  Do what?  You already know!  Digging them up and putting them to work is the key to your true prosperity and I want you to have everything that's due you!

To your success!

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