Dress Like a Tiger!

I stood in my closet this morning looking at my clothes. (Lord Jesus! I hate getting dressed in the mornings. It just feels like wasted time!  I wish I could wake up fully dressed and clean shaven!)  Anyway, today isn't a meetings day for me.  Phone and e-mail work for the most part.  No scheduled face-to-face meetings.  On days like that, I'll admit to getting a little lazy with my attire.  Not exactly dressing the part always.  Guilty.

Today I made a different choice.  Tiger Woods came to mind.  I recalled how I admire how he always dresses in red on Sundays... his "winning" color.  He wears red when it's time to really get down to business.  And, a couple of recent rough Ambien-fueled (sorry, Eldrick) years aside, it has worked for him.  Then I remembered how much the way we dress impacts how people see and respond to us.  Also, our own moods, focus and productivity are GREATLY improved when you dress for success.  So I made a different choice.  Slacks and dress shoes instead of jeans and Adidas.  (Sorry, DMC!)  I'm already feeling it.

Just a little reminder to those of us who sometimes have flexibility in our wardrobe choices.  There's still something to dressing the part.  I've let myself slip too much.  Time to take it back to where I know I need to be.  I might even break out the ties again.  Also, don't be surprised if you see me in red the next time I have a huge meeting!


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