I took my youngest to breakfast as part of her Daddy-Daughter Day Birthday Celebration. It just so happens that the Busy Bee Cafe is near some railroad tracks and proud of it, apparently. There was quite a bit of railroad decor around the place.

Taylor: "Daddy, what is derail?"

Me: "Huh?"

Taylor: "That sign on the wall says "derail" and I don't know what that means!"

Me: "That's just when a train goes off-track. You know. Like they were trying to stop from happening in that Denzel movie?"

Taylor: "Why does that matter?"

Me: "It matters a whole lot when the train is carrying certain chemicals. Do you see what those tankers say? They say "Hydrochloric Acid" on the side. On the lower right. Do you see?"

Taylor: "What's that?"

Me: "Well, they're probably tankers full of undiluted acid. Very dangerous stuff if not properly contained. I imagine a tank of hydrochloric acid spilling can be a major problem around here. That stuff can burn human flesh. Nobody wants that. Undiluted, that stuff can clean metal and stuff like that. I'm pretty sure it's mostly for industrial uses. You know? In factories and stuff."

Taylor: "Why even put it on trains at all?"

Me: "That's another story. I'm sure it's cheaper than transporting it in other ways."

Taylor: "Hmmmm.... I hope they're careful with that stuff! Sounds dangerous!"

This short conversation this past weekend made me think about how people can be their absolute most effective in life. (So many things impact me this way!)

Here's my simple thought: Are you giving us the real you everyday? Undiluted? Or are you watering yourself down before you start your day? Like an acid, the undiluted you is powerful - able to penetrate almost any obstacle. The "diluted" you is nothing more than an irritant. It makes peoples' eyes burn a little, but doesn't make any lasting impact or real change.

Think about it. Don't dilute yourself any longer. When you aren't being fully you, you're just irritating.

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