"Six Ways to Defeat Worry"

If you missed my lastest motivational call, you missed a great time!!! I talked about "Six Ways to Defeat Worry" in your life. Worry is one of the biggest reasons most people aren't living their best life. Here are some things to remember!

1. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Free yourself to think strategically instead of concerning yourself with today or tomorrow like so many people do. They are already taken care of for you. (Luke 12:22)

2. KNOW THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Realize that there are no impossible situations or insurmountable obstacles. Even the impossible isn't impossible. Start thinking about possibilities and opportunities in your situation. (Matthew 19:26)

3. TAKE A BREAK FROM COMPLAINING. Take a break from complaints and criticisms. Instead of bemoaning what you lack, just ask God and men for what you want and need and see what happens! (Philippians 4:6)

4. THE VICTORY IS WON! Know that victory is already assured. Everything, in fact, ALL THINGS are ALREADY working for your GOOD (not for your harm)! (Romans 8:28)

5. ONLY SPEAK LIFE. If you don't want to see it manifested, don't let it come out of your mouth. There are too many examples of the power of your words to even mention. Just mind your words! (Proverbs 18:21)

6. TAKE ACTION. Take positive action. One of the best ways to change the direction of your life is to form a habit of decreasing the time you spend between thought and action. You've got to get up and do something different to have something different. (Matthew 7:7)

The bottom line is worry can steal your greatest moments from you and prevent you from living your best life, but only if you allow it! Fight back in faith! And don't just live, LIVE BIG!

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I had to re-read these Mark, especially 1, 2. and 5. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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