Anger Danger!

I used to be a very angry person. I may not have looked like it on the outside but my heart was filled with blames, resentments and a low, simmering anger for many years. Frankly, not all was directed at others. Some was directed at myself. I refused to let people off the hook for wrongs I perceived as being done to me.

Anger had made me into its victim and forced me to see other people as villains. I learned to let it go once I realized that EVERYONE is guilty and all need grace...even me. Watch this video to see how I explain this! ---> VIDEO

Today, I've got something to say SPECIFICALLY to my friends - particularly men. Contrary to what the movies and rap songs tell you, harboring anger IS NOT helping to propel you forward in life. There is no (long-term) benefit to having an "I'll get them back for what they've done to me!!" kind of attitude. As you're thinking that, you're destroying other parts of your life and after you "get them back" you're left with little purpose and no drive except to find another villain.

Please learn how to forgive and forgive QUICKLY upon exiting a dead situation. Harbor no anger. Give the enemy no place. The #1 thing I see in men (of all ages) that prevents us from moving forward in healthy relationships, business and entrepreneurship and good health is ANGER. Whether a low simmer or a boiling tempest, it doesn't matter. You've got to let it go.

Here's where anger hurts men more than women...

Our brains can't function as well with it meaning it will hurt your performance in every other area of your life. Period. Males literally have fewer synapses connecting both hemispheres of the brain - the logical side and the emotional side. That means women CAN LITERALLY handle emotions and tasks better at the same time without conflict. (This is why there are fewer female serial killers, some have argued. A man can snap and it's "over" for him and everyone around him. Most women can "snap" and still reason her way into hurting only the object of her anger.)

Bottom line is men are being stagnated by anger in ways that are harming themselves and our churches and communities and the women in our lives. Anger prevents you from being able to move forward into God's best for you. Time to look at your heart, be honest and let it go, brothers.

How can we overcome anger?  Please leave me your comments so I know how to serve you better!! If this was helpful, forward it to a friend. Talk to you soon!

To your success!

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You Are really help me man.I am an angry person.But now you change my mind.Thanks for sharing.sell my house

Thanks for that, Mark. I'm generally a person who holds no grudges, but I still find myself holding things against certain people because of the level of trust I placed in them. As I clean house, I'm getting rid of anger before it turns to bitterness.

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