Did God Get it Wrong? Or Is He Just Old-Fashioned?

Here's something I struggle with. I hope I can explain it well.

1. Is our world/society better off or worst off than it was 20, 30 or 40 years ago in terms of morals, strength of the society, economy and even the church? Most people would say many things have gone downhill. So why would we continue to rely upon modern "wisdom" that seems to be taking downward instead of older ways of looking at life, faith and the world that served us better?

2. I see the "I don't need anybody but Jesus" as being a uniquely modern phenomenon and, therefore, probably symptomatic of our societal degradation if not causal. In other words, if a person's best friend had said "Man, you need to get a wife." or "Girl, you need to marry a good man." in Earth Year 83, he would have agreed. If they had the conversation in Year 383, they would have agreed. If they had the conversation in Year 1883, they would have agreed. It's not until around 1983 or so that people stopped feeling like they needed a partner.

3. It's sad to me, truly sad, that nowadays people seem more committed than ever to trying to live out this short existence alone and I don't get it. Most of you can look at your own life and see it isn't working. I read your posts almost everyday. You're lonely, bored, sexually-frustrated, living below your potential financially and struggling to find or excel in a purpose beyond yourself. Yet you reject some of the very structures the Lord Himself designed to help people find joy and favor in life.

And it seems to be Christians are going right along with all of this. I think it's crazy. It literally boggles my mind. Marriage was God's idea. Now we seem to be hell-bent on telling Him He wasn't that bright.

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