Information from book publisher, Ken Whitman of, for those interested in some rough numbers on the self-publishing business. I get these questions quite often regarding what people should expect.

From Ken Whitman:

"I produce a lot of books for self-publishers. There seem to be three types.

Type 1: I print 100 books for them and they never come back.
Type 2: I print 100 books from them and they come back 2 to 4 times over six months.
Type 3: The ones that have a built in audience and I print 500 -1000 copies every two to three months.

Now for the fun part...

Type one is 80% of my business
Type two is 18% of my business
Type Three is 2% of my business

An average self-published Author would make:

Type 1 - $500 or less
Type 2 - $2000 to $4000 over the course of a year or so
Type 3 - $10 to $20,000 per year

Identify what should your investment be into a self-published book. Let's say between editing, cover design, marketing, etc. it could easily cost 2500 or more, you would have to fall into that Type 2 (18%) category just to break even..... "

[Mark's Note: It seems the best use of books for most self-publishers is to open the door to other opportunities such as speaking, consulting and other product sales.]

I hope this helps...

What do you think? Are you published yet? If you are, what are your experiences?


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