Double Hump It!

I've talked before about the importance of deciding who belongs in your life and who doesn't. I'm not the first. Solomon said "He who walks with wise men will be wise..." long before anyone every thought about Mark Anthony McCray. There's more to the story, however. Here's a visual tool to help you think about how you go about your relationships - personal and work relationships.

It's called the Double Hump and I learned it years ago.

The concept is very, very simple. Everyone who enters your life or workspace or ministry should either be there a LONG TIME or a SHORT TIME with nobody in the middle. Your goal should be to allow people into your life fairly freely. No walls. Be open. However, you've got a set of values and you need to stick to them. If you discover someone's values are incompatible with your own, they need to go! On the other hand, when you find people who share your same values, whether in ministry or work or personal relationships, these are the people you should endeavor to keep in your life. They are to be treasured!

The middle is the danger zone. That's where your energy drained, your time is wasted and where the other person is being kept away from their best and blessed place in life, too. You're holding on where you should not be. You know they need to go, but you're afraid to let them. Bottom line. Be courageous to let them go. Nobody in the middle. Double hump it!

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