It's Time to Reveal What's Inside You.

This is my rally cry for this week! I'm so happy for faithful teachers, mentors and preachers. The Lord seems to be working overtime lately to encourage and empower me. I'm humbled. I could cry. It's like He won't be satisfied with me living a life that's anything less than my potential. I've been taught, stretched, challenged, pressed, encouraged and pushed to my very limits these past few weeks to the point where I want to scream sometimes.

But I can see how He's already beginning to work it out for my good. Now my cry has changed. "Stretch me, Lord!" I can see how He's forcing me to change - to emerge - to show the world the real Mark Anthony McCray It's exhausting! However, once I've come forth I'll see the "me" I was always intended to be. I'm looking forward to showing you that man.

If you know me, you know this blog is about YOU. It's time for you to emerge! It's time for you to take some chances. Like I posted on my Facebook Page earlier today: Ships weren't made for the harbor. You'll never realize your purpose, best performance, potential and prosperity until you launch out!

You are the salve for someone's wound. Not only that. Your emergence is your blessing. Your emergence is the blessing to those who are counting on you. Show us what's inside you. We need you. We really do.

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