5 Things I've Never Done (But Want to This Year)!

I'm planning on skydiving for my birthday this year and I want you to come with me!! If you're in the Houston area, get in touch with me!!! is the best way!

1. Skydive. How can I resist? This has to happen!! They don't let you do your first jump alone. They strap you in with an Instructor. I'll be looking for the one with the biggest smile and best mood!

2. Perform a Stand-Up Comedy Routine. Just because. No time limit on it. Just something I want to do! I don't care if I bomb. That's part of the process!

3. Ride a Horse. I really can't believe I've not done this being from Texarkana. I have no clue how this hasn't happened. I don't feel like a 100% Texan and I need to fix that.

4. Milk a Cow. Just like riding a horse. I can't believe I haven't done it either!

5. Climb a Mountain. This is one of those things I want to do with a partner or two. No fun going alone. I'm looking forward to having my whole body ache from pushing myself past the limit.

What are some things on your Life List??? Tell me what you want to do!!

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1. Learn to surf. I live in Cali and yet.......... *shoulder shrug*
2. Parasailing.

With a name like SupaGirl I say go for it!!! LOL

1. Do a missions trip....planning to go to Thailand in November
2. Climb a Mountain...I work with hikers and Mount Rainer is less than 60 miles away from me.
3. Indoor sky diving...planning to do that with some friends for my birthday
4. Go to a symphony...I have never been to one before
5. Audition and perform in a play...need to find the time to make this happen

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