All Money Isn't Good Money...Not All Clients Are Good Clients.

All of us, no matter the field of business, have experienced the regret of taking on business that doesn't seem worth it. It's frustrating, maddening, infuriating and head-scratching all rolled together. Here's what I've learned: never do business with anyone who makes your head hurt or your stomach hurt. If you have qualms, steer clear. It will be worth it because all money isn't good money and not every Client is a good Client.

There are a number of rationalizations we construct in our minds when we're sitting across from a Prospect with whom we suspect we shouldn't be doing business. Perhaps all of them boil down to doubting ourselves and our ability to bring in new business. At some level we figure the future isn't promised and we should take what's presented - no matter the risk of heartache and aggravation in the future.

Sometimes it's our own pride and arrogance that gets us. We believe, i.e., choose to convince ourselves, that our savvy can rescue a situation that isn't salvageable or redeem a Client who is irredeemable. We've walked into the lion's den without being eaten before, so why not again? Right?

What is the remedy? We have to be emotionally disciplined and courageous enough to say "no" when our gut is telling us to say "no" and it's as simple as that. There's no formula. There are no steps. We trust ourselves and, if you're a Believer, trust the Lord enough to back away and allow the good business to come to us.

As the Bible reminds us in Proverbs 10:22, the Lord's blessings don't come with sorrow. If you see trouble coming, be wise enough to walk away.

To your success!

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