Learn How to Hear Silence

Most of the clients who put up an abnormally high amount of resistance to giving you information, providing financial records, paying for third party reports, signing your fee agreement, or otherwise putting money into their business deal should be passed over.

They probably know something about their situation – to their detriment – that they are not communicating. Whatever is causing them pause will probably kill their deal or make it extremely difficult to get done in the end.

I try to NEVER invest more into solving another person's problem than they're willing to invest themselves. A person who really wants your help with be a blabbermouth - telling you everything you want to know about their challenges and things you don't want to know.

Real pain speaks! If your prospect doesn't have enough pain to really, truly tell you where it hurts, it doesn't hurt bad enough. If they don't care, you shouldn't either. Silence tells me a lot!

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