Your Words Shape Your Life!

"I expect to be playing Aledo for the State Championship on December 17 at Noon in Cowboys Stadium." ~Manvel HS Head Coach when interviewed about his preseason expectations for the Mavericks in June...before school had started...before ANYONE had played any games. This weekend at Noon, they are playing Aledo for the State Championship in football.  I am blogging this from the game.

"One day I'm going to sell out Madison Square Garden." ~ Five year old Justin Bieber

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit." ~Proverbs 18:21

I want you to seriously think about what you've been saying lately. What direction are your words carrying you? I can assure you they are taking you somewhere. But are you happy with that direction? You have to learn to speak to your own future.

How does "speaking it" work? Does your tongue hold some kind of mysterious power to shape your entire world? Can you "make" people do what you say? Well, to a degree, I believe so! I believe our words have creative force to bend and shape expectations and circumstances and greatly influence even other people who hear us. It's not magic. People still have free will. You still have to work to manifest most of the things you want. But it's about using your language to craft expectations...which leads to outcomes.

If you're always setting your dreams and goals out there in front of people, you will attract people who will want to help. People will treat you the way you expect to be treated.

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Second, and most important, your words will shape YOUR OWN attitudes, expectations and actions. As you start to speak, you will expect more, press yourself harder and look for more opportunities and open doors. As you begin to speak to your future, you'll become less satisfied with the mediocrity of your present. You will be changing yourself from the inside - and the manifestations will begin show on the outside.

It's like Zig Ziglar says...positive words won't make everything possible, but they will make more things possible than negative words will! So don't be afraid to "declare it" because, until you do, it's likely what you really want to see manifested will never appear.

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One of the most informative article on words I have seen here. You have shared such a nice thing.

Thank you for the comment and compliment!!!

Yes, yes and yes. I believe in the power of words.

In the time that I spend volunteering with the girls at the juvenile detention center, I always stress to them to be careful what they call themselves and what they allow people to call them. I want them to understand that there can be several Meghans or Jennifers, but they get to choose the words that MAKE them different for the Meghan or Jennifer next to them.

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