Day Nine: "Are You Worthy of My Heart?"

By, Melissa Rich

This was inspired by a situation and scenarios that I see far too often. When in turmoil, people begin to bite and devour one another and even those they have professed "love" for. In pain, people often forget themselves and say things they would never say if they were not in an emotionally weakened state; but the damage may already be done by the time the two resolve and what has been set in motion cannot be undone.

So often when many of us think of relationships, we think of "ourselves" and what "we" can get out of it but great relationships are not built with two people who are only in it for themselves. Too often people forget that no matter how we unfold this scenario, we are called to love one another and however we choose to do that, it is a "responsibility" regardless of what "level" that relationship is at and/or if it has now dissolved.

Different relationships involve different levels of commitment but when we speak of marriage and a relationship of that magnitude, we want to remember that with that person's commitment and trust, we have signed up to also protect. So with that said, let us ask this question...

Are you worthy of my heart?

I am speaking to men AND women here. Do you know how fragile an “open” heart really is? Do you have what it takes to nurture it and care for it tenderly and with deep concern? I’m not talking about broken people, I’m talking about people who open their heart to love and trust another human being and that person shatters their trust. Are you worthy of my heart?

Do you understand that even though I may appear strong, the very fact that I have committed my life to you is an indication that you can likely hurt me deeper than any other human being on the face of the earth? Your words cut deeper and your “looks” pierce my soul. I have freely given you the secrets of my heart, soul and mind. I have permitted you to see my imperfections and inadequacies. I have laid myself bare before you and you know my every flaw. Are you worthy of my heart?

I spent late nights talking with you and sharing my deepest fears and most painful experiences. I let my guard down enough for you to see that, I too bleed. I trusted that you could handle not only my strength but also my weakness. I gave you an open door to my thought process and intentions. I shared with you my deepest dreams and desires. I showed you the window to my soul and now I feel naked before you. Are you worthy of my heart?

An open heart is the most fragile thing on the earth. When one entrusts their deepest self to another expecting that things will always and forever remain as they are when the decision was first made. To open my heart and offer you a very unique place that only one human being will hold is an honor. Do you see it as such or do you take it for granted? Do you know how to love in such a way that you grasp the significance of an open heart? Have you experienced enough true love in your life to understand the responsibility that you are taking on when you encourage an open heart? Are you worthy of my heart?

Both, men and women, under God, need to really consider and understand that depth and validity of loving with God’s heart. When a person opens their heart to you, you now have a responsibility to protect what GOD has entrusted to you, whether the relationship continues or not. Understanding how deeply God values that individual and how seriously He takes it when we treat one another carelessly. To overlook such a simple thing is to forget the very basics of who we profess to be. The love of God covers, it doesn’t expose and traumatize. It enfolds and protects, it doesn’t pretend to have no responsibility. Are you worthy of my heart?

So before you run out and fall in “love”…ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know how to protect and cover another persons’ nakedness?
  • Can they be naked and not ashamed with you…even when you are angry with them or when they have somehow offended you?
  • Can they trust you with the part of them that when mishandled can undermine their entire being?
  • Can you be trusted with a human heart?
Each one of us must ask ourselves this question. It isn’t about what you can get from another person, they have needs too...

Can you and are you willing to be responsible with the seriousness that comes from someone giving you their heart?

Are YOU worthy of “THEIR” heart?


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