Day Five: "The Courage to Leave Someone Behind"

Some people need to be cut off. No closure. No more late night visits. No texting "what's up?" No roads back.  Some connections are much more harmful than helpful!

"Now the LORD said to Abram, "Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father's house... Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his nephew." ~Genesis 12: 1-5

After going through the story of Lot and Abram in Genesis several times in Genesis 12, it's still not clear whether Abram brought Lot along with him or whether Lot tagged along on his own, but was never sent away.  The verses seem to go back and forth in their indications.  What is 100% clear, however, is that Abram was commanded to leave behind his home, his relatives and everything related to his earthly father's house.  

It's also clear that he didn't heed this command.  Not even a paragraph passes before we see both Abram and Lot riding off into the sunset together.  Their story of entanglement continues.  Lot continues along with Abram like Mary's little lamb. 

In our own lives we have people we've brought along for the ride.  There are also those who tag along - yet we don't kick them off the bus.  Usually, we know they aren't supposed to be there with us, but we keep them around anyway.

This isn't a value judgment.  Just because we shouldn't be in a relationship with someone, doesn't make him or her, a bad person.  Lot was considered to be a good, righteous man.  It says so in the Bible!  Look it up!  This wasn't about Lot being a bad person.  This entire story is about Abram finally developing the courage to trust God at God's word without a safety net.  He eventually got there.  And, it's when Abram got to that place that the Lord really began to speak to him with more clarity.  It's then that the promise truly begins to unfold!

(Side note: This isn't intended to be encouragement to leave a marital relationship.  Seek counseling for that.  In my own life, this principle has meant that I've had to leave friendships and business partnerships behind to experience God's best.)

What do we learn from this history?  How does Lot's story unfold?  What are the lessons here for us to incorporate into our own lives and seeking healthy relationships?  There's so much here.  In the interest of time and space, I'll be brief:

  • When the Lord calls you to go forth, you can do it!  He might send you companionship, but press on whether He does or not.
  • Not everyone belongs in your life...even if they are good people.
  • Be intentional about your relationships.  Even friendships should be purposeful and productive.
  • When the wrong people are with you, tension is inevitable.
  • There's a way to separate: be as communicative and as peaceable as possible.
  • The presence of some people hinders our ability to hear God's voice clearly.
  • When we demonstrate the courage to leave toxic relationships behind, blessings open up to us.

Lot's story ends with his daughters committing incest with birth to the Moabites and the Ammonites from this unholy union.  These are two of the same nations who have been either antagonistic towards or actively at war with Israel ever since!  The Lord reminds His people not to even allow them into the Assembly because they not only didn't help Israel when they were coming out of Egypt, but even attempted to curse them!  Read the passage!  If you want to have some fun, do a little research on Ammon and Moab.  Abram brought many of Israel's troubles with him because he didn't have the courage to leave Lot behind. 

What do you take from the story of Abram and Lot?  I'd love to get your feedback!


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