You Have Permission to Be Great(er)!

The Word for somebody today is "Go get it!"

As I was praying a few weeks ago concerning a few specific things that I feel like I'm lacking (both wants and needs are acceptable to pray for according to Phil 4:6), I was commanded to stop asking and go get them!! Then, as I often do, I asked whether I should share this or was that just for me.

Here's the reality for somebody... I'm giving you permission to go for your desires!! Do you want to start a non-profit? Go for it! Do you want to become a counselor? Start a business? Manufacture a product? Broadcast a television show?  Nobody's stopping you but you. You've got permission!  What is it that you've been waiting on permission to go do?  Stop waiting and go get it!

Get your permission slip here --->  LINKY POO and then send me a pic or post it to my Facebook page!!  Thank you!!!

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