Being Magnanimous

I've always felt like one of the best qualities a person could have is being what they used to call "magnanimous."  They don't really use that word any more.  I've always wanted to be that kind of person so I admire it in others.  One of my favorite definitions is "to be very generous or forgiving, especially towards a rival or someone less powerful than oneself."

It's being forgiving and more than that.  It's being generous and it's also more than that even.  It's being a big opposed to being a small person.  You can hear the words "magnificent" or "magnitude" in it.  I love it!  It also has the Latin root word "animus" in there, meaning "spirit" which you can hear in the word "animated" for example.

Enough of the nerd hour.

Here's the thing.  Magnanimity is rare these days so when you see it, it stands out.  This is the person who extends grace where it isn't deserved.  This is the person who goes with you two miles when they could have been off the hook with one.  They don't take retribution when they have a right to it in the world's eyes.  They are great, big and seem to operate above common standards.  This is being magnanimous.

Why should you care?  You should care because you have never seen a small person rise to great heights.  It's almost as if the entire universe conspires against petty people to entrap them in cages of their own making.    On the other hand, I want you to be big, a GIANT!  I want you to grow into everything you were meant to be.  The only way it's going to happen is if you decide to live above your circumstances, expectations and common ways of doing things.

Common doesn't get you anywhere and it certainly doesn't earn you any respect.  Only magnanimity does that.

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