You can make more by giving it away!

"The best way to market yourself is to give yourself to the market." ~Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales and Marketing Expert, Multiple Time Bestselling Author, One of the Nation's Leading Keynote Speakers, Multimillionaire Expert Juggernaut, Aggressive Giver of Himself (I think he knows a little bit about the topic.)

The last time I posted this, there was feedback from the other side of the issue. There were a few people suggesting there was no way they could afford to give away ANYTHING for free. Yet, Gitomer would disagree VEHEMENTLY (if you've ever heard him talk)! So maybe the question is how can you shift your mindset and find a way to offer something of value FOR FREE to your customers and prospects?

How did he give it away for free?  I remember reading his sales articles years and years ago in he local business chronicle.  Every week, there he was.  He even offered a free newsletter if you wanted to subscribe for more.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't getting paid to write the article but what he was getting is free, worldwide exposure!

How can you?  I would suggest thinking about some ways you can offer a small part of what you do for FREE to everyone who is interested.  Be fearless.  The most important thing is that you capture a way to talk to them later by e-mail or phone.  That, my friend, is the key!

By the way, "The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way" by Jeffrey Gitomer is great!!!  It's outstanding for any business owner, writer, speaker, presenter...ANYBODY!!!   Abraham Lincoln said "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."  This is one way I sharpen mine.  Nothing's better than a book you can put immediately into practice. I got the audiobook so I can listen while I drive. This will sharpen your communication skills right away with tons and tons of tips. Highly recommended!!! 

Got any suggestions for other material to help people sharpen their ax? 

Let me know!

To your success!

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