Make Plan "A" Your Only Plan!

Make PLAN A your only plan...especially if you say God gave you the vision.  Most people don’t need a Plan B; they need to fully dedicate themselves to Plan A! How can it be that God’s plan for your life has an alternative? He hasn’t changed His mind. Once you tap into His plan for you, neither should you. Diligence is what most of our plans require, not alternatives.

Be diligent. To quote my Pastor, Thaddeus Eastland, diligence is best defined as "thinking it through, then getting after it and then staying after it." Work as hard as you can. Respond to customers and opportunities quickly. The best ones don't wait for you. Diligence isn't just about working hard, however. It's about rising early and looking for every possible opportunity to achieve a goal – uncovering every rock. The Bible says that "the hand of the diligent makes rich" in Proverbs 10:4. This is just one of the many encouragements in the Bible towards diligence in all that we do.

They say money never sleeps. It does. But it gets up early. This is closely related to the concept of diligence. A word study on diligence uncovers that it carries with it the idea of getting out of bed and getting started early. Personally, I know that my most productive days and "seasons" have been when I've been most intentional about rising and getting to work before everyone else. When I get up late, I often feel like the whole day is close to being wasted. Get up early and get after it. You will be rewarded!

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Excellent point. God's plan for our lives is always on the A list. We in our humaness are the ones to devise Plan B. If we would just stick with Plan A, aka our first thought, our first GOD thought we'd be a lot better off.

As I enter a new season of life, working a Plan which God has given me and I thank God that I have not developed a Plan B but have slowly and deliberately worked and am still working Plan A - with reading these words I'm take them as confirmation that how I've been working Plan A is the way God wants me to work it.

Thank you

You are so right! A lot of times our "Plan B" comes mostly from a place of doubt in our hearts!

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