"9 Practical Paths to Prosperity"

Money is not the most important thing in life. Now, having said that so we're all on the same page and -depending upon who you are and your disposition - I acknowledge that it may not even rank in your top ten priorities.

 As you read this article, your ranking of your priorities is between you and your God. Just call me "Bennett" 'cause I ain't in it. However, this column is about money and business within the Kingdom context and I will not shy away from the task. Many of the other things that you might classify as important - even more important than money - are much harder to attain without having at least some money available to you when you need it. To grow and expand in life, we have to have a surplus - more than enough for our immediate needs for food, clothing and shelter. It takes money to provide for your family, to afford a better than perfunctory education, to have the money to give to charitable organizations and your place of worship. The electric company STILL doesn't accept baked goods. I've tried!

My goal, then, is to help you and benefit the kingdom of God by bringing you into a place of abundance. There isn't anything wrong with wanting more or having more. I would suggest to you that any person who doesn't is broken. Not broke, but broken. God designed us to grow and excel. Mediocrity and stagnation are not parts of His orginal design for His creation and we can experience growth in our finances if we heed the structures He's already put in place. As long as the Earth remains, seedtime and harvest will remain.

I've created a collection of advice that I was looking for when I was younger, thin on experience and had not a clue as to how to manage my financial affairs as a Christian, entrepreneur, husband and father. If you are like me, and you're serious about taking your finances from nothing to something to many things, I believe here are nine practical paths to prosperity to which you should adhere.

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Also, as you know, we are told that we have to change the way we think to change our lives. Well, if true, what should we think about and how do we change our thoughts? I've also created a special study called "Change Your Mind" to help you think in ways that are more productive and purposeful using various scriptures from God's word as your guide.  I am committed to helping you get to your best place!

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