Random Thoughts from My Head

Just sitting here reflecting on some things as I work. I should be done with work for the day soon... but I doubt it. I'm pushing myself now because I'm REALLY looking forward to being able to enjoy the Summer. Diligence now. Play later.  Some random thoughts rattling around in my head...

1. Read to Lead. What we become depends upon what we read. My life is better when I'm reading something. It energizes me. Every time I start reading something, I notice enough of a change to make me wonder why I don't read more.

2. Stop Quitting.  If you want to make real, lasting progress, you have to stop quitting. This is a message I'm working on. "Killing the Spirit of Quit in Your Life"

3. Worry About YOU!  My new favorite passage might be John 21:22 but maybe not for the reasons most people would think on first reading. I think I can build an entire presentation on it. I think it holds the a real key to progressing in life and relationships.

4. One is Lonely Number.  Most people (especially Christians) will admit to being an alcoholic faster than they will admit to being lonely... yet one is completely natural and the other is a dangerous addiction. We treat people struggling with addictions with sympathy and those who struggle with loneliness like emotional weaklings. Here's a self-test ---> IF YOU DARE!

5. So Much Stupid.  There is a staggering amount of stupid stuff posted to Facebook these days. Here's an example. So... it's okay to kiss horses?

Here's another example. Apparently someone feels like it's a good idea for Americans to think even less than we do now...

Our main problem as humans is (and has always been!) that we do too much feeling and too little thinking about where those feelings will take us if not managed better.

6. New Levels Needed.  I've reached a point where people expect a certain standard from me. I have to make sure less and less of my stuff falls into the stupid category.  Not always easy.  Not at all.


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