The Live BIG! Monday Motivational Moment - COMING SOON!

I've been really committed to giving more of myself lately! As my pastor so eloquently reminded us weeks ago (and it impacted me deeply), the miracle is in the pouring out, not in the pouring in! (Get with me on my upcoming teleconference and I'll explain more!) Anyway, that's why I'm doing this conference call. To help someone. That's also why I stayed up overnight a couple of weeks ago putting together "The 9 Paths to Prosperity" Free eCourse. (Check it out my signing up on my blog. It will come to your e-mail box over the course of several weeks with a lesson per week. No catches.)

One thing we've got to do is help you get rid of the "Spirit of Quit" - that thing that makes so many people throw in the towel these days and constantly get to a place of needing to start over and start over and start over. Sometimes you need a pat on the back. Sometimes you need a kick in the pants. I aim on providing both - as needed!!

Here's something you can do for me today! I need your help spreading the word! Please remember to leave me your comments so I know how to serve you better!! This also lets other people know you're engaged in what we're doing here. If this was helpful, forward it to a friend. Talk to you soon! Please subscribe and visit me on my Live BIG! Die Empty. Facebook page!!



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