8 Keys to Achieving Higher Performance in Your Purpose: Key #4 (The Least Appreciated Key)

I call this the master key within the entire series!

There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR DILIGENCE!!! Read what Solomon, the wisest man who's ever lived, had to say about diligence. It's an interesting word. Some people think "diligence" is discipline, but it isn't. Discipline is good, but nothing unlocks your potential like DILIGENCE.

Some people think hard work is diligence. It isn't. Hard work is good, but only begins to scratch the surface.

What is diligence then? Diligence is all of those concepts and more. Embedded in the word is the thought of rising early in the morning and DOING WHATEVER it takes to accomplish your goal. It's like mining for gold...or mining for your goal.

A successful miner digs and digs and digs. He invests in better tools so he can dig more efficiently. He rises early in the morning and stays late. He knows the gold will be taken by others if he isn't in the field. He stays late after others have gone home because there's a nugget they're going to miss...but he isn't going to miss it!

It reminds of when I was young and my folks would take us out to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

You would work all day in the hopes of finding something precious. When you did, everything felt worth it! Many people have found great treasures out there in those fields, but only the ones who worked for it.

(The diamond pictured about was found at Crater of Diamonds. Not by me, but still...)

I didn't realize I was learning a word-picture for this concept even as a child, but I'm glad I did. Now, whenever I'm lagging in my effort, I think about mining. I think about digging and digging for hidden treasure. Because that's diligence. And Solomon says it's the key to riches, wealth and a life that's truly prosperous!

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