Why Does Death Sting?

Death stings for the same reason that aging stings...we feel the loss of opportunity, the loss of hope, the ending of new chances. No matter where any of us are, we all hope for a new beginning starting from wherever we find ourselves...whenever we feel like we've lived less than our greatest potential. That's the power of forces us to look in the mirror and examine our own lives. Many times it hurts because we don't like what we see.

I'm not trying to sound cold, but I don't know that I feel as much hurt from the loss of Whitney Houston as do others. Perhaps because she's a woman and I'm not(my female friends seem to hurt more), I never connected with her that much. Aside from a boyhood crush, I never paid a lot of attention to her life or music. I know I'm alone in that. But there is something that made me stop and think...looking at the pictures of Bobby Brown. I still remember Bobby Brown from "Every Little Step" and seeing him having aged...put on weight...and even ostracized from his family hit home with me.

Time is passing and we all have to make the most of every moment! That's the lesson to learn and that's why death stings - it reminds us of wasted opportunities. So stop wasting them! That which your hand finds to do, do with all your might! Starting right now! That's the best way to honor both the death and Your God who made you.

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oh death stings indeed. thank you for the explaination

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