8 Keys to Achieving Higher Performance in Your Purpose: Key #6 - Get Expert Help!

I had a dream last night worth sharing because I think it will be something every person will want to consider, pray about and seek out in their own lives.

In my dream I was working on putting together a saxophone. I don't know why. I don't play the saxophone! For some reason, I wanted it. I worked every day on this thing. I was using a spare bedroom in my neighbor's house as my workshop. I would leave it over there and go home in the evenings - then come back and work on it the next day.

One day, I quit early because it was driving me crazy.

Anyway... the next morning I woke up and went over to work on building my saxophone. Louis Armstrong was sitting there doing it for me!! Yes. That Louis Armstrong. We talked while he worked. It only took a few minutes as he slung everything together and then showed me how to play a few notes. He was amazing. He took so much stress off my back and brought a smile to my face. A big cheese-eating one!

This dream reminded me of the power of EXPERT help! And that's my prayer for myself and for you today! That we would begin to seek out expert help in every area that's difficult for us and where we're struggling to make the progress we want to make. Some things don't have to take as long as they're taking us. We just need a little help from the right people.


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