How to Receive Turnaround in an Impossible Situation

I get letters and prayer requests from people every week who feel beaten and battered by life. They feel like they spend more time losing than winning and like their lives are stuck in some kind of downward spiral that they can't get out of. They feel stuck. Maybe that describes you today. Maybe you feel like you're going nowhere and not sure how to change that.

Maybe you feel like you're in a hole with no way to get out and no one around to offer a ladder so you can climb out? You think you're in an impossible situation. You think your vision will never come to pass...that your financial situation will never turn around...that your child will never get on the right path. You're on the verge of giving up hope.

If any of that describes you, I'm writing to you today. I want to share with you three keys to getting a turnaround in any impossible situation. If that's what you need today, keep reading!

I know I'm not about to reveal to you top secret, whiz bang mysteries. They are reminders. So often we spend our time worrying and dreading our fate instead of understanding that the battle is not over. For you, the battle isn't over even when it's over. You serve a God who can resurrect the dead! Remember that. I'm willing to bet He's rescued you from defeat before. Trust Him to do so again. He can turn around your situation!

Therefore, here are your action items if you're looking for a turnaround:

1. Realize that there are no impossible situations. You serve a God that specializes in the impossible! (Matthew 19:26)
2. Pray. Take it God in real, honest and specific terms. Don't just complain to Him. Ask Him to do something! (Philippians 4:6)
3. Understand that your victory is assured no matter what. Even things that appear to be "bad" in your eyes, are really good because the Lord has not finished his work in you nor in your life. (Romans 8:28)
4. Take positive action. Ask, seek and knock. Faith is not passive. Even while believing the Lord for miracles, you keep asking and keep seeking and keep knocking. You don't know which door He will open for you. (Matthew 7:7)
5. Only speak victory. What you say has the power to change the entire course of your life and the lives of those you influence. Take great care of what you say. (Proverbs 18:21)

It is so critical that you take control of your spirit, your mind, your attitudes and your words when you're facing immense challenges. You must not allow a place for casual conversation and nihilistic attitudes either in your circle or in your own thoughts. Once you get focused on possibilities and have lifted up your concerns to God, let them go and begin to look forward to your breakthrough! It's coming. And even if it doesn't come, it's coming!!

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Thank you for the encouraging words the Lord has come through many times before so trust he will do it again

You are very welcome! I hope this has helped you and many other people!

impossible means = i'm + possible

That you, I needed to read that this morning. I will continue to nkpray for what now seems lost and impossible and I will press onward. Thank You.

I am so glad i read this.With God all things are possible so will continue praying and believing.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Wow, this was so amazing! So helpful..I really needed to gage myself back! Thank ou.. Please continue!!

Thank you, i am relieved of my dreadful thoughts

Thank you for your inspiration. We do serve a just god and he is above every situation. Thank you for this article I needed a reminder

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