8 Keys to Achieving Higher Performance in Your Purpose - Key #5: Seek Favor

Seek favor. Favor can take you in five minutes where hard work alone will take you in five years. Here are five ways to cultivate favor in your life:

1. Ask God for open doors and for an eye for opportunity. You can't see what's right around the bend, but He can. Ask Him to show you things you haven't seen. Ask Him for favor. There's no shame in doing so. They always say "favor isn't fair" and I believe it! Life can be challenging enough. You need every "unfair" advantage you can get! Before you seek favor with men, seek His favor. It means so much more.

2. Share your vision with enthusiasm and boldness. There are people waiting to help you if only they knew what direction you are going. Change the atmosphere around you when you begin to talk. People will rally behind you, go before you and surround you with support. Give them the chance. Even those who can't help you will pray for you. Will you arouse some rivals? Of course! But nothing good grows in the dark. Shout it loud!

3. Seek guidance and ask for help. Learn how to admit you need help and ask for it. If the person you know can't help you, ask if they know someone who can. There's also a saying that goes "Ask for money and you'll get advice, but ask for advice and you'll get money." Ask for help. If you need money, it will come. Never let a lack of money stall you.

4. Be receptive to people who offer you advice and feedback. Become a person who is gracious in receiving feedback from people. Don't be so gruff and don't take it so harshly. Most people want you to do better even if they communicate it poorly at times. Don't make people regret saying things to you because they'll stop trying to help. Nothing would be worse than that.

5. Communicate the progress and changes that you make to those around you. When you get good advice from wise people, show them and tell them that you've listened. Report back to them. Let them know their words weren't wasted on you. When people see you doing your best, they are always moved to help even more. That's favor!

Seek favor. Favor can take you in five minutes where hard work alone will take you in five years. Achieving higher performance isn't always about working harder. Sometimes you'll need advantages the labor alone can't bring you!

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6 years ago a manager of a grocery store came to me wanting to give me all his day old bakery items, one day a week, to be redistributed among single parents that I taught. I told him at the time, what he had was "too much." About 6 months later, I left one community service position to head up this one pick up from his store. My philosophy of keeping the surplus food pantry, just that SURPLUS from stores, and my vision of creating a "Working-Family Bread Basket" caused growth beyond my original vision. Now I have 21 volunteers, with 10 pick ups throughout the week, and 5 regular venders, giving everything from mislabeled soaps and canned items, to produce and specialty breads.|

Here is the point to your point. I never asked for volunteers, I never asked vendors...they came to me. But I shared my vision with everyone, all the time. I got excited, and other people got excited.

People want to do something, they just need someone who lead and spread a positive energy about the purpose. In other words, they want to be inspired. This is on the job as well as with volunteers

Great comment! Thank you for adding that! Yes, people want to be inspired. I have found that, as well!

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