8 Keys to Achieving Higher Performance in Your Purpose: Key #3 - Change Your Associations

In the introduction to this series, I talked about getting intimate with your own special purpose. I believe that each of us was put here with a unique calling and a special mission. It may not always be grand, but it's yours. Key #1 discussed being UNIQUELY YOU!!!

Key #2 was about changing your attitudes, actions and approaches to get different results in life.

Today is one of my favorite topics.

If you want to achieve higher performance, you have to change your associations! Positive peer pressure is one of the best forces you can put to work for yourself. Again. This is another one that I know well. If you want to have a better marriage, being around people with healthy marriages will help. If you want to earn more money, it's critical to spend time with people who are good stewards of their money and who earn more than you do. It is said that your income will grow to average that of the five people with whom you spend the most time. I believe it! If you want to live healthier and lose weight, look at the people around you. What are their habits?

Here are four specific ways to change your peer group.

1. Get a coach or join a mastermind group. It's always great to have someone or a group to bounce your ideas off of. I've found it invaluable to just be able to hear myself talk out loud about my hopes, dreams and plans. I've got one coming up. Get in touch with me. I might be able to help. Many people fail to progress because all of their ideas live only in their own heads. Never shared. Never refined. Never acted upon. It's a shame.

2. Attend conferences and networking events. For some people, this might include changing the church you attend. It's vital to be around people who are going the way you want to go. This isn't about being an elitist. They don't have to already be "there" to influence you positively. However, they need to be on the same road!! Attending professional events and getting around successful people adds a unique energy to you. Iron truly sharpens iron!

3. Change your social media "friends" and upgrade. Do all the people you interact with online look and sound like you? Do they all act like you? If so, you are missing a chance to be sharpened and learn more about the world. Observe how the people you admire "behave" online. What do they talk about? How do they spend their time?

4. Read the biographies of great people. One of my favorite things to read and listen to are biographies. Most of the people you and I consider to be successful (in any field) spent years and years of back-breaking labor to get where they are today. Biographies tell their stories in ways that are easier to relate to. My passion for biographies was re-ignited by my pastor, Thaddeus Eastland. He's talked before about how he used them as life guides and mentors when his father wasn't around to be that for him. In other words, people don't even have to be there with you to influence you positively.

What are some other ways to improve your peer group and environment?

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