The 10% Factor

I heard a great message this past weekend and I want to pass a part of it along to my friends here in Live BIG! Die Empty. blog land. The speaker was telling me that studies have been done showing that, in baseball, a .273 hitter can double his salary if he can increase his batting percentage to .300. A 10% increase in effectiveness at his job can double his income! Further, another 10% increase could put that same player into stratospheric levels of income and virtually assure his place in the Hall of Fame! 10% is the difference between a guy you've never heard of and Babe Ruth!

I think the same thing is true in your life. You don't have to get a lot better to be a lot better off. You just have get a little better and be consistent with it. Stop stressing out thinking about how far away you are from being where you want to be. My challenge to you is this: How can you get just a little better at what you do? How about sitting down and writing out a few ideas in your journal? Could you make one extra phone call? Go 10% longer on the treadmill when working out? Could you give one extra hug to your significant other?

A small increase in your activity and have a big impact on your effectiveness! So how can you get a little better today?


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