The Power Of Smiling

I'm pretty sure I don't smile enough. It's not cool, you know? It's not that much of a black "thing" either? As a black man, you probably get more accustomed to scowling than any other expression. I know I need to smile more, but then you catch yourself and realize that you're mean mugging usual.

What expression is on your face right now? If you're not smiling, what if changing it would alter the entire course of your day? I caught this article called "The Untapped Power of Smiling" that reminded me of the right perspective. Smiling more can improve your health, help you earn more, improve your relationships and generally help you enjoy life more.

It's a shame I don't smile more. I probably feel self-conscious about my grill or either think I'll look soft. I'm making a commitment to do it and quit being a hypocrite. I tend to favor people who smile. Why not join them? In fact, let's do it together and see what happens as we start a new week!!!


That must be why people comment on my smile or how often I smile. I find it hard to NOT smile. Do I cry or get angry? Sure, but most of the time there is always something to smile about!

That's a good point. Also, the way our bodies are wired, smiling can help us feel better despite our initial circumstances!

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