8 Keys to Achieving Higher Performance in Your Purpose: Introduction

I get a lot of questions e-mailed to me about purpose and how to get better, do better and be better. Tons. (I want more of them, frankly! I appreciate all the interaction.) There seem to be common themes emerging so I felt like it was time to dedicate some focus to these areas. People ask me things like

What is my purpose?
How can I know it for sure?
I know my purpose, but I feel stuck. What can I do?
Where can I find a mentor?
How can I raise the money?
How can I earn more money?
I'm not sure I'm meant for anything more. Am I?

These are all great questions! Over the next several blog posts, I'm going to address these and more. We have to start out talking about purpose and how to figure out yours, however. I truly believe you can't prosper or have true peace if you operate outside of your own special purpose. Therefore, until you are doing so, you're going to have a level of frustration in life you'll never be able to get away from.

The first thing I want you to do is watch this short video. It should help with some basics. I believe you already know your purpose in life and could just use some clarity. This video will give you some clarity. I first wrote about them here.

Now that you've watched that, you understand that hope and hype are great, but you need METHODS to truly advance in life.  In case you're interested in being able to quickly navigate the entire series, here are the links!

Series Introduction
Key 1: Be Who You Are!
Key 2: Same Approaches = Same Results
Key 3: Change Your Associations
Key 4: The Least Appreciated Key
Key 5: Seek Favor
Key 6: Get Expert Help
Key 7: Open Your Mouth
Key 8: What Are You Afraid Of?

Please leave me your comments so I know how to serve you better!! If this was helpful, forward it to a friend. Talk to you soon!


I absolutely loved and needed this, it has opened my eyes to so much. These questions really allowed me to address fears and get to the heart of my purpose rather then remaining comfortable in the box Ive placed myself in...

Thank you for that. Seriously. I'm looking forward to this series. I am presenting the text of a speech I made recently and what people really told me they needed to hear!

Mark this is great! For those of us who know the direction of our purpose, this is an awesome tool to help fine tune and stay focused on making the main thing, the main thing! Thank you this is truly a blessing!

I had to go back and revisit those questions. I wrote them down a while back. Have you posted Step 2 in the Achieve Anything Series? I will check my email just in case I missed it. Thanks again, you are such a blessing!

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