Keep Selling After the Sale!

When I was going my MBA work they taught us a powerful key to effective marketing in one of my most AWESOME classes. Here it is in a nutshell: the BIGGEST CONSUMERS OF ADVERTISING ARE THE PEOPLE WHO'VE ALREADY MADE THE PURCHASE!!!

In other words, don't stop selling after you've made the sale. Remind people WHY they made the purchase and it will help convert them into evangelists for you.

Study after study has been done and they show that part of the reason is people are looking to emotionally justify their decisions. They want to know they did the right thing. So help them know it! Ask for referrals. Send follow-up e-mails. Keep telling them how great you are even after they've invested in you. It's an important part of the process that many forget.

Same principle is in play once you've bought a car. Suddenly you see them all over notice all their tell people about it. Your biggest fans are people who have already "bought" you. Don't stop communicating with them. Sometimes we assume they're tired of hearing from us. They're not.

To your success!

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