Blog on Purpose.

Let me share a tip with you about how to use your blog better: blog as preparation for your presentations!

For example...if there's a topic on which you anticipate being asked to speak or even interviewed, blog it out. It will help you organize your thoughts well in advance.'s a bonus...if you want to know which points are going to be stronger, post them on a message board, twitter or Facebook and see what ideas get the best reception.

I often do this to improve my writing, plus people will let you know where you're strong or weak and even shed new light on things for you.

We can use social media to help us refine our messages. Our posts and tweets don't have to be "random" even though it can look like it. I'm usually building something for the future or refining how I can communicate an idea. Well...not always of course, but you get what I mean!

Please leave me your comments so I know how to serve you better!! If this was helpful, forward it to a friend. Talk to you soon! To your success!

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