4 Things I'm Doing Right...That You Need to Do, Too!

I tend to write as a way of reminding myself of things. I've been doing it for years...journaling, scribbling little notes the back of envelopes, even sending myself text messages and e-mails. If it's something I want to keep in mind, I like to write it down SOMEWHERE! I'm not above writing in the palm of my hand, but I try not to. People don't like smudges on their hands from shaking yours.

Anyway, this article is something like that. These are things that I want to make sure I remember to practice so they become success habits instead of things I do for a season and then set aside. I wrote before about 8 Lessons I Learned in 2011 and most people thought it was a pretty good list. Me, too. But the truth is I learned a whole lot more than just 8 lessons. Yet you can't make a blog go on forever or people tune you out.

1. Diligence brings success. "The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, But everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty." ~Proverbs 21:5 (NASB) If you aren't getting ahead the way you want to, check your PLANNING and DILIGENCE. The Bible says there is SURELY profit in both! It takes both!

People sometimes respond saying "I've been diligent, but I'm not getting ahead!" and I only have two responses: First, the Word of God is true. Therefore, if you truly aren't getting ahead, then you truly aren't being DILIGENT in the way the Bible teaches diligence (I'll be blogging about that soon!). Or...second, give it time. When sowing seeds, you should not expect them to germinate, grow and yield fruit overnight. Further, you have to be diligent throughout the process. Seeds sown must be nurtured...ripened fruit must still be harvested. Stay diligent all the way through the end!

2. Asking releases favor. To get the good fruit, sometimes you have to shake the tree. Waiting for the apple to fall ensures it will be either just past ripe or rotten. Waiting for fruit to hop off the tree, walk down to your house and jump into your mouth is tragically foolish! I've noticed one common factor in those who get what they want out of life: They were never afraid to look like a fool in pursuit of it. I've got recent testimonies and so several of my readers just from ASKING, SEEKING and KNOCKING. The closed mouth still doesn't get fed! You don't ask and stop. You keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking! Now go get to it!!!

3. Sowing leads to reaping. There is no great mystery! When you sow, you reap! Sow big! Reap big! In fact, everything you're doing right now...including reading this a seed into your future. Every time you sit down to watch old reruns, if you linger too long, that is a seed into your future, as well. Anything you want to reap in life, sow towards it. This includes your health, your relationships, your business, your ministry...everything! Further, if you're a Believer, you're a part of God's economy, too. You should sow seed into the things concerning the Lord and He'll bless you like you won't believe!

4. Prayer provides direction. "It makes no sense to be working and still broke." ~Thaddeus Eastland If you aren't seeing the fruit from your labor the way you want or expect, it's time to change up the formula. Can you demand more? Increase your value? Organize your business differently? Start the day with a different kind of attitude? Whatever it is, going to God in prayer for direction is the best way to get new instructions and wisdom. Of course, you should journal and seek wise counsel from men, but I try to take all the advice I get to God in prayer for the final word on the matter. Seeds sown are intended to yield fruit! If you aren't getting the fruit you desire, ask the Lord why not. Then be courageous enough to make some changes.

I'm sure you've got a handle on these principles. If not, consider this blog a reminder. For me, since I go back and read my blogs from time to time, I hope I'll do so at a point of need and get the direction and breakthrough I'm needing at that very moment.

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These four are really very helpful for me and I think it will help to many other.

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