Race in Dating and Marriage

Someone recently posted on Be Worth Finding that they think pre-marital counseling should be mandatory in all cases. Many people agreed. This was in response to a post I made about how few topics couples discuss before walking down the aisle. I've been shocked to learn that ( I guess ) people are so drunk with love that they will avoid, leave out or just forget important details about their lives such as finances, plans for children and more!

One of the things people don't talk about enough is how will being of different races impact their families and relationship.

I got the following list of questions from a friend of mine who is in an interracial marriage. They were are part of her pre-marital counseling so she shared them with me to pass along. I thought they were outstanding!

Was this your first interracial relationship?

How did you feel about interracial marriage and relationships before you were in one?

What are some common misconceptions about interracial dating/marriage in 2012?

Did you face skeptics and criticism from your friends and/or family about the interracial relationship?

What about ___(Your Significant Others)___ family -- Did you or he face any criticism from them?

Do you have (or plan to) have children? How will race figure into child rearing for you?

Do you think___(Your Locale)___ in general is a good place for interracial couples and families?
Do you feel that there are societal criticisms and pressures concerning interracial relationships in___(Your Locale)___ ?

Do you have any suggestions for Black women considering or new to interracial relationships?

This isn't a post to complain about what people SHOULD or shouldn't do in relationships. People do what they want anyway and interracial relationships are very much on the rise. These are just some things to think about before you get into one!



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