Preparing for Marriage...Not Just the Wedding.

This is where a lot of Christian ministries get it wrong, I believe. We spend 99% of our time teaching people how to be happy and content singles...which is good...but spend 0% to 1% of the time talking about how to be happy and content married...and even less time talking about preparing for marriage. A good friend of mine sent me a great article about "10 Ways You Can Prepare for Marriage" for single women. Good article.

Here are a few things I would add:

1. Find a happily married woman of 20+ years (they are out there) and befriend her. I've never seen anyone cut through the bull of what's important versus what isn't like an older woman! Here's one you can ask questions from time to time!

2. Strongly consider your other friendships. If most of your closest friends aren't or have never been married, you might think about making some shifts. Our peer groups influence us more than we think.

3. Begin practicing submission now. NOT the way it sounds. You don't submit to anyone except your OWN husband, but you can practice things like going along with another person's idea, finding constructive ways to express your displeasure and examining why you disagree when you do and try to see the other side.

4. When you begin to get serious about a man, pray for him. It will hone your spiritual insight and help you see how you could possibly be a helpmeet for him in particular.

5. Speak life now. Practice speaking ONLY what you want to see manifested. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Solomon once wrote that a wise woman builds her house while a foolish one tears it down with her own hands. Sorry. I didn't write it, but I have seen it played out.

Some thoughts to think about.

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