9 Questions to Help Discover Your Purpose

When some people hear people like me talk about discovering their purpose and walking in it, all they get is FRUSTRATED!! They become frustrated because they either don't think they have a special, God-given purpose or they simply don't know how to discover it. I can relate to that. I've been there.

I can't give a definitive response to the question "What is my purpose?" for anyone besides myself. I believe the answer comes from getting in touch with God and how He's made you and for what purpose He's made you. However, here are some questions I've found that can help you get a little closer to the answer. Ask yourself these questions...

1. What have I always been good at?
2. What or whose needs do I care about the most?
3. What arouses the most passion (joy, anger, happiness, frustration) in me?
4. Who do I admire most?
5. What makes me feel most fulfilled?
6. What do I love to do the most?
7. What have I felt "called" to do?
8. What am I doing when I feel like God is co-laboring with me?
9. What do I most want to be remembered for?

I encourage you to go through those questions with a pen and sheet of paper in front of you and then take your response to God in prayer. For some of you, it will bring clarity to what you already know. For others - if approached with honesty - this exercise will bring some things about yourself to the surface that you've never seen before.

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