Mark Anthony McCray - Speaker, Consultant, Writer, Trainer & Accelerator

With the knowledge, skills and experience that he has acquired as a trained MBA, entrepreneur, lay instructor and ministry staffer, Mark Anthony McCray is now a trusted trainer, ministry partner and business advisor.

As a professional speaker, writer and workshop facilitator, he helps churches, faith-based groups, professional organizations, youth groups and individuals achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.

His most popular topics include the following:

• How to Discover Your Purpose and Pursue Your Passions
• Get Some Balls, the Power of the Tongue and Principle of the Thermostat
• What Paul Has to Teach Us About Thinking Successfully
• Mark’s 18 Very Personal Rules for Financial Advancement
• Financial Secrets from the Richest Man Who Ever Lived
• Seedtime and Harvest: Lessons in Giving and Receiving
• How to Become Unstoppable
• How to Sell Yourself and Your Services like a Monster! (For Entrepreneurs)
• The Business of Proverbs (For Entrepreneurs)
• The Ten Commandments of Marketing (For Entrepreneurs)

Each keynote or workshop session can be customized with relevant examples, anecdotes and solutions to match your audience and your needs. Just ask!

Unapologetic about using the power and wisdom of God's word as a teacher, trainer and coach, Mark has helped thousands of people move their lives to a place of greater fruitfulness, purpose and fulfillment. Mark is CEO of First Capital Commercial Finance and, as a real estate investor and Commercial mortgage broker, has successfully structured tens of millions of dollars in private real estate investments.

Mark earned a BA in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin an MBA from Texas State University and his writings have been published in newspapers and magazines across the country. Contact Mark at (832) 566-2001 or email

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