12 Ways to Shake Things Up

Feeling like you've hit a wall? Here are some things you can do right now to shake up your day!

1. Meet someone new today. Even if you have to talk to a stranger, do it.
2. Drive to work a different way tomorrow or drive home a different way today. Get up earlier if you have to.
3. Do 30 Jumping Jacks right now. Add 10 push-ups if you can.
4. Play some classic rock music as loud as you can. Dance if you're brave.
5. Go sit in your car and yell until someone thinks you're crazy.
6. Do something nice for someone...make sure they don't expect it.
7. Read a magazine you don't normally read.
8. Pick up the dictionary and learn a new word. Make sure it's a big one!
9. Smile more. Start right now as you're reading this.
10. Write a poem.
11. Call your mom.
12. Eat a food you've never eaten and buy it at a store you've never shopped.

What are some others? Got any suggestions to share? Are you bold enough to do something different today????


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